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CRUSH the GMAT! – Choose the best 2018 GMAT prep course from our selection of the highest ranking online courses using our researched reviews and comparison chart.

To achieve a top SCORE you will need to spend many hours studying – there is no other way! To make optimal use of those valuable study hours it’s crucial to find the course that best fits your learning style and budget.

So here’s the good news: we have personally researched and reviewed every major GMAT prep course on the market to make things easier for you! The comparison chart below will help you determine which online course is best for you.

We recommend these courses based on research and experience in the test prep space, and we want our visitors to get informed about the best courses available so you can do well on your exams.

Please use the links below to access our reviews and select the best GMAT prep course online that meets your needs.

Online GMAT Course Comparisons & Discounts


kaplan gmat best courseThePrincetonReview






WEBSITE Kaplan GMATThe Princeton ReviewMagoosh GMATGMAT PillTarget Test Prep GMAT
PRICE$799 $724  Code: KMBX75C $499$258 $149
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$730 $437  $397

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$499 $399
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 5,0004,0008001,073 3,000
 4 Course BooksNoneNoneOfficial GuideNone
 160 Hours27 Hours24 Hours 60 Hours30 Hours
7-Day Free Trial5 Day Trail- $1
 Email SupportEmail SupportEmail Support24/7 Q&A Support Live Instructor Support
 6 Months4 Months12 MonthsLifetime 6 Months
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Kaplan GMAT (Rank: #1)

Kaplan GMAT Review


Large Amount of Quality Material: Kaplan’s GMAT courses provide clients with more than 160 hours of quality content, 5,000+ practice questions, and 9 full-length computer adaptive practice tests. You’ll also get a generous amount of additional reference materials, including e-textbooks and a flashcard app. Past test-takers report that the opportunity to take many practice exams is one of the best features of the course.
Official Test Day Experience: Kaplan’s GMAT courses include a one-of-a-kind opportunity to take a computer-adaptive practice GMAT test in a Pearson VUE testing facility. You can take a practice exam under actual GMAT conditions in the very same room you will take the actual exam. Prepare yourself for exam day in advance by finding out what to expect when you walk into the test center on the day of your scheduled GMAT.
No Mobile App or Free Demo: Kaplan has a flashcard app for smartphones, but there is no dedicated mobile app to access all course material while you are on the go. Unlike most competitors, there is no free online demo to try out the various courses to see if it is a good match for your learning style. A free sample class may be available at a location near you.
Tutoring Package Starts at 15 Hours: In addition to being expensive, tutoring requires a commitment of a minimum of 15 hours ($2,499). Other available tutoring packages are for 25 or 35 hours. If you want a less expensive option for private tutoring, it makes more sense to get 2-3 hours of online coaching added onto your course by selecting the PLUS option.


Princeton Review GMAT (Rank: #2)



10 Practice Exams: Princeton Review’s GMAT courses offer a total of 10 full-length practice tests that are formatted the same as the real GMAT. The more practice exams you take under test-like conditions, the more prepared you will be for the exam on test day. The Princeton Review’s technology ensures that each question you are given on the practice test is based on your performance on the previous questions – just like on the actual GMAT.
Essay Feedback: The Princeton Review’s LiveGrader feature includes detailed and personalized feedback on practice GMAT test essays submitted by students. Most prep companies focus on practice questions and test-taking strategies and only provide limited advice and templates when it comes to writing essays. Princeton Review’s tailored advice for writing the kind of essays test graders want to see, students can improve their essay score as well.
No Mobile App: Most test prep companies offer a mobile app to make studying more convenient for GMAT students. Unfortunately, The Princeton Review’s GMAT courses do not include a mobile app, and course content is not geared to portability in general, although courses can be accessed on all devices with an internet connection.
Limited Free Resources: Unlike many competitors, the Princeton Review does not offer much in the way of free material on their website, such as forums, daily practice questions, or information on applying to business school. For a large and well-recognized prep test company, this is somewhat unusual. However; you can take a free practice test and sample an online class, or attend a math boot camp at select locations.


Magoosh GMAT (Rank: #3)



Ease of Use: The Magoosh GMAT course has a very simple, clean, and user-friendly interface. As soon as you log in, the dashboard displays your progress for both the Quant and Verbal practice questions, and you receive lesson suggestions based on your weakest practice areas. In addition to the home dashboard, tabs for lessons, practice, review, and other resources help students navigate the course quickly and easily.
Quality Practice Questions: Magoosh may not have the most practice questions of any prep course, but those that are included are first rate. You can create customized, adaptive practice quizzes based on different subjects and question types to suit your needs. Every practice question includes high-quality video and text explanations.
Affordable Price: At a price of $149 (Get Discount), Magoosh’s premium course can’t be beat. You’ll get 12 months of access to 800 practice questions, 24 hours of video lessons, 2 practice tests, and a variety of additional features that will help you zero in on those areas that need the most improvement.

TAKE ME TO MAGOOSH GMAT – 7 day free trial

GMAT Pill (Rank: #4)


Mobile Friendly: GMAT Pill has an app for iOS and Android devices. You can access the all of the course videos from anywhere, which makes it convenient to study on the go. The lessons can be downloaded to your device via the app, so you can keep studying even when you don’t have an internet connection.
Student Support: As a small company that aims to provide a personal touch, GMAT Pill is known for its great customer support. Many students have praised the round-the-clock, personalized support that is available to all paying clients. If you have a question, simply send an email and the founder, Zeke Lee, will personally send you his response.
Lifetime Membership: Students who purchase a GMAT Pill course get lifetime access and updates to the materials. GMAT Pill is the only company that offers unlimited course access, which is a great feature if you decide to take the exam more than once. Whether you plan to take the GMAT a month from now or several years down the road, this course provides that kind of flexibility.
Cluttered Interface: The course website and applications could be more streamlined and easier to navigate. If you are the type of person who is easily distracted by too much information on a page, this may not be the course for you. On the other hand, you get unlimited access to a large amount of content for just $437.


Target Test Prep
(Rank: #5)



User-friendly, Well-designed Course: Target Test Prep’s streamlined learning platform was designed to be highly functional and intuitive. The dashboard is efficient and easy to navigate, and live help is available with the click of a button. Other useful features include diagnostic tests, thorough and clear explanations, and great note-taking and bookmarking options.
Flexible Pricing: You have the choice of paying month-to-month for $99 (recurring billing until you cancel), or paying only once and saving some money by selecting access for 4 months (at $74.75 per month) or 6 months (for $66.50 per month). You can also take advantage of their free trial for only $1!
Higher Score Guarantee: Target stands by the effectiveness of its product. If your official GMAT quantitative score does not go up after you use Target Test Prep GMAT Quant, you can request a full refund, although several requirements must be met. Please see their website for additional details.
Quant Only: Target Test Prep’s main focus is helping students to excel on the quant section of the GMAT to raise their overall score. Although tutoring is available for other sections of the exam, the course aims to boost quant scores by focusing on strategies to solve quant problems. Students who need additional help with the other sections should consider tutoring or supplementary study materials.


Economist GMAT Tutor (Rank: #6)


Tutoring Sessions Included: Economist GMAT Tutor courses include private video tutoring sessions with GMAT experts. By having a tutor, students are better able to address GMAT subjects that need improvement. You can track your progress and schedule tutoring sessions all within the unique interface.
Engaging Methodology: Rather than teaching students through video lectures, The Economist GMAT Tutor Program provides students with engaging click-through lessons. These lessons integrate practice questions throughout, which can help you retain the GMAT concepts that are covered and stay focused. You can also ask a tutor questions from within each practice module.
Adaptive Learning Technology: GMAT Tutor helps you pinpoint and focus on areas to improve on. As you go through the outlined lessons and practice questions in order, you will have access to a progress chart and the score forecast feature, which predicts your exam score based on your practice responses and simulated tests.


Manhattan Prep GMAT (Rank: #7)


Comprehensive: Manhattan Prep’s On-Demand Interact course offers students access to interactive video lessons, a 1-on-1 live instructor session, the complete set of Manhattan Strategy Guides (10 books), The Official Guides for GMAT (3 books), 6 full-length adaptive tests, essay grading software, and more.
Reputable Material: Manhattan Prep is known for its high quality strategy guides. The set of 10 guides included with this course cover every area of the GMAT Exam, providing in-depth explanations and practice questions to help students hone their critical thinking skills. The large question bank and high definition video lessons round out the excellent course materials.
No Money-back or Score Increase Guarantee: Unlike many other commercial prep courses, Manhattan Prep’s options do not come with any type of money-back or score increase guarantee. Given the relatively steep price of most of Manhattan Prep’s options, this is somewhat surprising and students may look elsewhere rather than take the chance.
No App: Manhattan Prep’s courses are accessible from your computer or iPad, but there is no app, so it is not as portable as the programs offered by many competitors. Apps are one of the features this generation of students appreciate most, so this is a significant drawback.



Top GMAT Prep Courses

Best GMAT CoursesFree Course Demo Price
Kaplan GMATNone$799
The Princeton ReviewNone$499
Magoosh  GMAT7-Day Free Trial$149
GMAT PillYes$437 + $40 off with coupon
Target Test Prep GMAT5 Day Trail- $1$399


Best GMAT Prep Courses
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5 / 5 stars


Best Live GMAT Classes

Top3RankingFinding the right GMAT prep class is one of the most important factors in achieving a high score on the test and getting into a top rated business school.

Many students excel in a traditional classroom environment, so we have personally researched and reviewed every major live GMAT prep class on the market to make things easier for you! Enjoy the convenience of taking a live online course with scheduled class times from your own home. You will still able to interact with your instructor and peers via live chat or messaging, and the set schedule will help keep you on track.

Getting a high or low score on the GMAT has a lot to do with how well your study materials prepare you for the exam. Using a prep course that doesn’t match your learning style can have a negative impact on your scores and can result in rejections from your target graduate schools. Our mission at CRUSH is to make sure you don’t waste your time and money on a course that won’t help you succeed!

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that I will earn a referral fee if you choose invest in one of the courses listed below at no additional cost to you. We recommend these courses based on research and experience in the test prep space, and we want our visitors to get informed about the best courses available so you can do well on your exams, not because of the small commission. Please use the links only if you feel that we helped you find the right test prep course for your needs.

Live-Online GMAT Course Comparisons & Discounts

GMAT Courses
ThePrincetonReviewmanhattan prep gmat classes




WEBSITEKaplan GMATPrinceton Review GMATManhattan Prep GMAT
PRICE$1249 $1199 $999 

Get Discount

LIVE-ONLINE INSTRUCTION13 Class Sessions 27 Hours 27 Hours
CLASS FORMAT1 or 2 classes/wk2-3 hour classes, 1 or 2 times/wk One 3 hour session/wk for 9 weeks
BOOKS3 Kaplan GMAT Study Guides None 10 strategy guides + 3 Official Guides
ONLINE ACCESS 3 Months4 Months12 Months
INSTRUCTOR SUPPORT Email Support 30 Office Hours Per WeekExam Assessment, Forum, & Email Support
MORE DETAILSRead Full ReviewRead Full ReviewRead Full Review

Kaplan GMAT

kaplan-gmat logo


Official Test Day Experience: The unique opportunity Kaplan’s students have to take a computer-adaptive practice GMAT exam in a Pearson VUE testing facility is a huge plus. This is as close as it gets to simulating the real test experience on the day of your exam, without worrying about your score. There is no such thing as being too prepared on test day.
Number of Quality Materials: In addition to expert live instructors, students have access to more than 160 hours of quality content, 5,000+ practice questions, and 9 full-length computer adaptive practice tests. In addition to online content, lectures, practice questions and exams, every live course comes with a number of textbooks and reference material, and course materials can be read on all Kindle Reading App compatible devices.
Free Materials: Although Kaplan’s prices can be hefty, they do offer a number of freebies for students on a budget. Sign up to get a free GMAT sample question every day for three months. You can also register for the 20-minute Workout to make studying part of your daily routine. Try your hand at a live practice test, an on-demand practice test, and attend a free sample class, or a free seminar to learn about applying to business school.
No Mobile App: Although a basic flashcard app is available, there is no dedicated mobile app that allows students to study from their smartphone while they are traveling or commuting. Many students like the convenience of studying wherever they are on a user-friendly app and syncing their progress across various devices, so it is surprising that Kaplan has not developed a more elaborate app.


Princeton Review GMAT



Office Hours with GMAT Instructors: One great reason to sign up for an in-person or live-online course is that they include an extra 30 office hours per week of access to certified GMAT trainers. If you have questions about homework and practice questions that cannot be answered in class due to time constraints, you will still have the opportunity to get answers to all of your questions outside of class.
Number of Practice Exams: The Princeton Review gives students plenty of realistic preparation by providing access to 10 full-length practice tests that simulate the adaptive-by-question technology of the GMAT. Students who take all 10 practice tests will be used to pacing themselves and well-prepared for the long exam when they take the official GMAT on their scheduled test date.
Access to Online Course Materials: Even if you are enrolled in a live course, you will have access to the online lectures so can review the material at your convenience. Recordings of sessions are available online along with other resources including additional practice problems, explanations, drills, and the LiveGrader feature, which provides detailed feedback on your GMAT practice essays.
No Mobile App: You will get a comprehensive review of the materials if you sign up for Princeton Review’s Live GMAT options, but there is no mobile app. Students who prefer the interactive nature of a live course could still benefit from a convenient way to spend time outside of class sessions honing their skills.


Manhattan Prep GMAT


Impressive Amount of Study Material: Manhattan Prep provides a large amount of study material to its clients in addition to the live lectures. 4,200 GMAT practice questions, several volumes of guidebooks and strategy guides, more than 35 video lessons, 6 practice exams, and additional resources ensure that students get a lot of practice before they take the official exam.
Free Resources: To supplement your live course, take advantage of a number of free GMAT study materials on Manhattan Prep’s website. These include a full-length computer adaptive practice exam, challenge problems, flashcards, and weekly online hour-and-a-half study sessions (“Thursdays with Ron”). You can also explore the basic version of the GMAT Navigator (Manhattan Prep’s all-in-one GMAT dashboard) for free before you purchase a full course.
Meets Once a Week: For students looking for live interaction without an additional commute or commitment several times a week, Manhattan Prep’s weekly 3-hour session fits the bill. Live courses take place only once a week for 9 weeks, resulting in minimal disruption to your busy schedule. If you enroll in the live online option, you’ll be able to avoid a commute altogether.
Expensive With No Guarantee: Manhattan Prep’s live courses are significantly more expensive than the competition. In person/live online options range from $1299 to $2950, and private tutoring will set you back by at least $220 an hour, and there is no money back guarantee if you fail to improve your scores.




Top Live Online GMAT Courses

Live Online GMAT CoursesLive Online InstructionPrice
Kaplan GMAT Online13 Class Sessions$1,249
Princeton Review Online27 Hours$1199
Manhattan GMAT Prep27 Hours$1,299


Best Live Online GMAT Courses
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5 / 5 stars