Kaplan GMAT Review

Kaplan GMAT ReviewRATING:

Kaplan’s longstanding reputation as a powerhouse in the test industry makes its GMAT courses very attractive to clients. Their flexible course offerings range from on-demand, live-online, and in-person classes so students can choose the option that best suits their needs.

They also provide private tutoring options and the opportunity to take practice exams at a test center which help students feel more confident and comfortable with what they can expect on the day of their GMAT.


1. Comprehensive Study Materials

Kaplan’s GMAT courses include more than 160 hours of quality content, 5,000+ practice questions, 9 full-length computer adaptive practice tests, and email-based support from instructors or the option of private tutoring. Students also get feedback after their practice tests to pinpoint areas that may require additional study. Past test-takers report that the opportunity to take many practice exams, including one in the actual testing center, is one of the best features of the course.

2. Official Test Day Experience

Kaplan’s comprehensive GMAT courses include an exclusive opportunity for students to take a computer-adaptive practice GMAT exam in a Pearson VUE testing facility. This is as close as it gets to simulating the real test experience on the day of your exam (and your practice score doesn’t count). You can take the practice test in the room where you will take your scheduled GMAT to prepare yourself for exam day, calm your nerves, and find out exactly what to expect.

3. Free Practice Material

Kaplan offers several free resources to students who are preparing for the GMAT. You can sign up to get a free GMAT sample question every day for three months. Explanations and strategies for each question are included. You can also register for the 20-minute Workout to build studying for the GMAT into your daily routine, to test yourself, and to compete against your peers. A live practice test, an on-demand practice test, a free sample class, free seminars about applying to business school, and a short quiz are also available for free.

4. Large Amount of Additional Course Material

In addition to online content, lectures, practice questions and exams, each course comes with a number of textbooks and reference material, and all course materials can be read on the Kindle and also all Kindle Reading App compatible devices (Mac, PC, iOS, and Android). Although there is no mobile app for the entire course, a flashcard app is available for mobile devices.

5. PLUS Option

For a few hundred dollars more, students can choose the PLUS option of each course, giving them access to either two or three hours of one-on-one online coaching, as well as additional instructional modules on data sufficiency and math foundations (see individual courses for details).


1. Minimum Number of Tutoring Hours

Although the option of being able to work on weak areas with a private tutor online or in person is a perk, you must sign up for a minimum of 15 hours, which will set you back by $2,799. The other available tutoring packages are for 25 and 35 hours. (Alternatively, you can get 2 to 3 hours of online, one-on-one coaching added onto each of the main courses in the PLUS option of those courses, as described above).

2. No Mobile App

There is a flashcard app for smartphones, but there is no dedicated mobile app that allows students to study from their smartphone while they are traveling or commuting. Kaplan strives to make studying fun with the free Question of the Day and 20-minute Workout, but many students would get more use out of a portable app for phones and tablets.

Ideal User

Kaplan’s GMAT prep course options are so versatile that they will meet most students’ needs. Reviews from actual test takers stress the advantage of taking a practice exam in the actual testing center before exam day. Students who are likely to be very nervous and afraid of “choking” on the day of the exam should definitely take advantage of this unique option.

The PLUS and tutoring options allow students additional freedom to customize their prep experience by adding one-on-one coaching and more content for review. The GMAT is a challenging exam that covers a lot of material, so students who have a hard time sticking to a schedule should choose one of the live options over the self-paced version of the course, which is better-suited to self-motivated learners with less flexible schedules.


A longtime leader in the test prep world, Kaplan offers quality materials in a variety of course options that will accommodate most students’ needs. The most popular feature of the course is the ability to take one of the 9 full-length practice tests under exact test conditions in a Pearson VUE testing center.

Although Kaplan courses tend to cost more than the competition, clients will get a lot of quality material, individual help, and many opportunities to hone their GMAT skills. Check out their free resources to get an idea of the course materials you will have access to once you buy a course. Try Kaplan today to prepare for exam day and boost your GMAT scores!


Summary of Course Features

  • 160+ hours of course content
  • 13 recorded video lessons
  • 5,000+ practice questions
  • 9 full-length computer adaptive tests
  • Official Test Day Experience
  • email-based support from instructors
  • Private tutoring available
  • 2-3 hours of one-on-one personal coaching and help with business school applications available
  • Flashcard app for iOS and Android devices
  • Course materials available on Kindle, or devices that support Kindle Reading App
  • Textbooks: GMAT Premier: Course Book Edition, GMAT Pocket Reference, GMAT Noteboard Booklet and Pen, and Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide. 


Kaplan GMAT Prep – Self-Paced
Price: $799
Includes: 13 recorded video sessions, 5,000+ practice questions, 9 full-length computer adaptive tests with scored Integrated Reasoning sections, more than 160 hours of instruction and practice, Official Test Day Experience (clients may take computer-adaptive practice tests at an actual Pearson VUE testing facility), email-based support from instructors, flashcard app for iOS and Android devices, and the following textbooks: GMAT Premier: Course Book Edition, GMAT Pocket Reference, GMAT Noteboard Booklet and Pen, and Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide. 

Everything in Self-Paced course plus 2 hours of one-on-one personal coaching and business school application help from a Kaplan GMAT tutor, as well as the self-paced GMAT Math Foundations course, including online/on demand videos and lessons, 400+ practice questions, and Math Refresher Course Book.

Kaplan GMAT Prep – Live Online
Price: $1,249
Includes: 13 live, interactive online classes including 2 advanced quant sessions, 5,000+ practice questions, 9 full-length computer adaptive tests with scored Integrated Reasoning sections, more than 160 hours of instruction and practice, Official Test Day Experience (clients may take computer-adaptive practice tests at an actual Pearson VUE testing facility), make-up sessions (choose from live, live online, or on-demand), course materials available on Kindle or devices that support Kindle Reading App, flashcard app for iOS and Android devices, and the following textbooks: GMAT Premier: Course Book Edition, GMAT Pocket Reference, GMAT Noteboard Booklet and Pen, and Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide.

Kaplan GMAT Prep – Live Online PLUS
Price: $1,649
Includes: Everything in Live Online course plus 3 hours of one-on-one personal coaching and business school application help from a Kaplan GMAT tutor; the self-paced GMAT Math Foundations course, including online/on demand videos and lessons, 400+ practice questions, and Math Refresher Course Book; and the self-paced GMAT Data Sufficiency course, including 3 self-paced lessons (Data Sufficiency Foundations, Data Sufficiency Strategy, and Data Sufficiency in Practice).

Kaplan GMAT Prep – In Person 
Price: $1,449
Includes: 13 live, interactive classes, more than 5,000 practice questions, 9 full-length computer adaptive tests including full-length, scored Integrated Reasoning sections, 160+ hours of instruction and practice, Official Test Day Experience (clients may take computer-adaptive practice tests at an actual Pearson VUE testing facility), course materials on Kindle or devices that support Kindle Reading App, flashcard app for iOS and Android devices, and the following textbooks: GMAT Premier: Course Book Edition, GMAT Pocket Reference, GMAT Noteboard Booklet and Pen, and Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide.

Kaplan GMAT Prep – In Person PLUS
Price: $1,849.
Includes: Everything from In Person course plus 3 hours of one-on-one personal coaching and business school application help from a Kaplan GMAT tutor via Kaplan’s live online technology platform, the self-paced GMAT Math Foundations course, and the self-paced GMAT Data Sufficiency course at no extra cost.

Kaplan GMAT Private Tutoring 
Price: $2,799/$3,899/$4,999
Includes: 15/25/35 hours of live online GMAT private tutoring (or In Person Tutoring), access to all Kaplan GMAT course materials, enrollment in an In Person or Live Online course, Official Test Day Experience, flashcard app for iOS and Android devices, and the following textbooks: GMAT Premier: Course Book Edition, GMAT Pocket Reference, GMAT Noteboard Booklet and Pen, and Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide. 


Kaplan GMAT Breakdown

Kaplan GMAT Review
1.Comprehensive Study Materials
2.Official Test Day Experience
3.Free Practice Material
4.Large Amount of Additional Course Material
5.PLUS Option



Princeton Review GMAT


The Princeton Review GMAT prep courses stand out for their commitment to comprehensive and individualized instruction. Students can sign up for an in-person, live online or self-paced course secure in the knowledge that additional and personalized help from instructors is readily available whenever they need it.

The impressive amount of practice material they offer including 10 full-length exams help Princeton Review’s GMAT course stand out from the competition.


1. 10 Practice Exams

Princeton Review’s 10 full-length practice tests simulate the adaptive-by-question technology of the GMAT. The more practice exams you take under test-like conditions, the more prepared you will be for the actual GMAT. Having the option of taking 10 exams will give you plenty of practice before you take the exam.

2. Office Hours with GMAT Instructors

The in-person and live-online courses come with classroom instruction in addition to an extra 30 office hours per week with certified GMAT trainers so that students can ask questions about homework and practice questions outside of class times when material is being presented and other students are asking questions.I

3. Online Access To Lectures

If you have to miss a live classroom session or just want to review the material again, you can do so from the convenience of your home because recordings of sessions are available online. Those enrolled in a live online or in-person course also have access to the online portal with practice problems, drills and explanations.

4. Essay Feedback

Most test prep companies focus on practice questions, practice exams and only provide limited advice and templates when it comes to writing the essay. The Princeton Review’s LiveGrader feature gives students the option of writing an essay and getting personalized feedback from trained GMAT instructors to improve their essay score as well.

5. Multiple Guarantees

The Princeton Review offers three different guarantees to students:

1) Readiness: If you do not feel ready to take the test for which you prepared at the end of a course, you can repeat it for free within one year of the start of your program.

2) Satisfaction: you can keep working with The Princeton Review at no additional cost no matter how much your test score improves until you are satisfied.

3) Money Back: You are eligible for a full refund if your test score does not improve and you meet certain requirements.

*Certain restrictions apply to each of the guarantees, so please see The Princeton Review website for additional details and requirements.


1. No App

The Princeton Review’s GMAT courses include a number of nice features, but there is no mobile app, and the features are not particularly geared to portability beyond access to the online portal from any device that is connected to the internet.

2. Limited Free or Additional Resources

Unlike several competitors, The Princeton Review does not offer additional resources in the form of a student forum, daily practice emails, or information about how to navigate the business school application process. The more comprehensive course options cover the GMAT material well, but don’t expect a lot of extras or freebies on their website.

Ideal User

The Princeton Review’s GMAT courses come with great options for those looking for individualized help and instruction. Although private tutoring is always available as an option, the Ultimate courses (live online and in-person) both come with 30 hours of access to instructors during office hours for additional help with homework and problems. Students who don’t want a tutor but prefer a small group experience can select the Semi-Private Small Group Class, which is limited to a maximum of 4 students at a competitive price.

Clients who need help with the essay portion of the exam will appreciate the LiveGrader feature. Simply submit a practice essay to get customized feedback from trained GMAT instructors to understand how best to improve your GMAT essays.

Those who require extra help boosting their math scores or are aiming for a math score above 700 can choose from two dedicated math workshops: Math Fundamentals ($150) and Hard Math ($299).


The Princeton Review offers a nice selection of courses that cater to individualized needs, including one-on-one help from instructors, customized GMAT essay feedback, and additional math skill workshops.

The budget, self-paced online option gives students maximum flexibility and comes at a smaller price, but students should seriously consider the more expensive courses because they are still priced competitively and come with a number of great features that make the extra cost worthwhile. Be sure to take a free online practice test or sample a free online class to help you find out which course best fits your needs.


Summary of Course Features

  • Online portal with practice questions, answers and drills
  • 4,000+ practice questions and videos
  • 10 computer adaptive practice exams
  • Individualized feedback on GMAT essay (LiveGrader feature)
  • 27 hours of live online or in-person instruction
  • 30 hours of office hours to ask trained GMAT instructors your questions
  • Small group classes available
  • Specialized Math Workshops
  • Complete set of study books including The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 13th Edition
  • Private tutoring available
  • Money-back guarantee (certain courses)


The Princeton Review GMAT Self-Prep Kit (Self-Paced Online)
Price: $499

Includes: More than 4,000 practice questions and videos, 10 computer adaptive practice exams, individualized feedback on your GMAT essay, all accessible online at your convenience for 120 days.

The Princeton Review GMAT Ultimate Live Online/In-Person
Price: $1,299 Save $150 with exclusive Crush discount: Get Discount

Includes: 27 hours of live online or in-person instruction, 10 computer adaptive practice exams, 30 hours of personal office hours per week with trained GMAT instructors, access to online portal with practice problems, drills and explanations, LiveGrader feature to get feedback on GMAT exams, Hard Math 700+ workshops for difficult problems, class size of 12+, online recordings of every class available for make-ups or review, complete set of study books including The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 13th Edition, and money-back guarantee.

The Princeton Review Semi-Private Small Group Class
Price: $1,599

Includes: 27 hours of in-person instruction with a maximum class size of 4, 10 computer adaptive practice exams, 30 hours of personal office hours per week with trained GMAT instructors, LiveGrader feature to get feedback on GMAT essay, Hard Math 700+ workshops, access to online recordings to review lessons or make up missed classes, and money-back guarantee. Classes typically meet once or twice a week. Not available in all locations.

The Princeton Review GMAT Private Tutoring 
Price: $135-$275/hour

Includes: 22 hours of one-on-one tutoring with a private level, master level or premier level GMAT tutor. (Price depends on level and experience of tutor). Or customize your own package with the help of a tutor. Higher score guarantee or get your money back. Includes 10 computer adaptive practice exams, customized  prep plan that adjusts as you study, essay feedback with LiveGrader, and option to pay as you go.


Magoosh GMAT Review



Magoosh GMAT provides students with a great prep course that is affordable and user-friendly. Options include three basic, on-demand choices that allow students to cover all parts of the GMAT in the premium version, or only the Quant or Verbal sections. Magoosh’s affordable price and overall quality of study materials make it the best bang for your buck course on the market.

Please note Magoosh GMAT is one of our affiliate brands and as such we receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to purchase this prep course. We investigate each course to keep you informed on both the good and the bad of each course, and hope that it helps you find the right course for your needs. Only use the links if you find this review helpful, thanks!


1. Quality Study Materials

Magoosh GMAT has a well-designed, streamlined course page that makes it easy to navigate among video lessons, practice questions, and other course content.

The dashboard suggests specific video lessons based on your performance, tracks your correct and incorrect answers, and lets you know how you stack up against other students taking the course. The ability to estimate your Verbal and Quant scores is a nice plus, although reports of its accuracy vary.

Students who buy the premium course have access to more than 800 practice questions that span a wide range of levels for one year. Each question is identified by difficulty level, and the questions are very similar to those on the actual GMAT exam.

This makes it easy to target precisely those higher level questions that may be challenging you and keeping you from your best possible score. You can filter questions by type and difficulty area for more customized practice sections. All questions also come with a video explanation.

There are two kinds of videos: the excellent lesson videos break down topics by type and provide overall strategies, and the video explanations for questions are short but detailed. You also get access to video transcripts so you don’t have to watch an entire video again if you want to review a particular point or strategy quickly.

2. Portability

Study for the GMAT with the Magoosh course from anywhere. You can access the course from your computer, tablet or smartphone with the mobile app (available for iOS and Android). In addition to the video lesson app, you can use the math flashcards and idiom flashcards apps to study whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

3. Price and Customer Service

Priced between $129-$149, Magoosh GMAT prep courses are the least expensive of the options we have reviewed. The carefully-designed materials and the well-organized course website are a bargain for what you pay. The price is low enough for students with enough time before the GMAT to use this program as a supplement to another prep course as well.

Customer service gets top marks for a quick turnaround time. If you email them a question, you’ll get a response within 24-48 hours.

4. Score Increase Guarantee

If you enroll in the Magoosh GMAT Premium course and your score doesn’t improve by 50 points, you’ll get a full refund. The Math and Verbal subscriptions come with a guaranteed a 3-point increase, respectively, or you are eligible for a refund. Additional conditions apply, so make sure you are aware of the stipulations listed on the course website.

5. 7-day Free Trial

If you provide your email address and a password, you’ll get access to more than 30 lesson videos and 30 practice questions for one week. Try out the personalized dashboard, lesson videos, and performance analysis, or check out the lesson library before you select the course that best fits your needs. Sign up for your Free Trial here!


1. Not Enough Questions

Compared to leading competitors, who offer their students a thousand practice questions or more, the 800 practice questions in this  program fall a bit short. It takes time to create quality materials, such as video explanations to go along with each question, however, students will want to practice as many questions as they can before they walk into the exam and may need to look elsewhere for additional practice.

2. Few Practice Tests

Only the premium course includes practice exams, and their promise of “at least 2 practice tests” is meager compared to the competition (most prep companies provide access to a minimum of 6). Adding additional practice tests and questions would go a long way toward making this course one of the best options on the market.

Ideal User

Magoosh GMAT prep courses are perfect for visual learners who want to work at their own pace on a flexible schedule. The video lessons and video explanations will work best for students who prefer to watch lectures that explain strategies and solve problems in real time instead of reading a text or attending an in-person review course.

One of the best features of this course for those who prefer a self-study approach is the ability to customize practice sessions by category and difficulty level. The consensus seems to be that the course offers a slightly better review for the Quant section than the Verbal section of the GMAT. Many students want to focus on the harder questions only to prepare themselves for the exam, and this course makes that possible.

Finally, students on a budget with little time to study before the exam will be grateful to find a program with great material at an affordable price. A 30-day version of the premium course is perfect for those students who need a last-minute refresher course with a targeted strategy for different sections.


Magoosh GMAT courses fit the bill literally and figuratively when it comes to a great product at a low price. The quality content, visually appealing and user-friendly dashboard, and great customer support make this an all-around winner. If you are short on cash or time, or if you are looking for a quality course to supplement your GMAT studies, this is the choice for you. Try Magoosh GMAT’s free 7-day trial today if you want to experience the course features in action!

Summary of Course Features

  • 250+ excellent video lessons/video lesson library
  • 800+ practice questions and video explanations
  • 2 or more practice exams
  • Study schedules
  • 1 year of access to course
  • Quick Customer Support (email)
  • Score Predictor
  • Sort questions by difficulty level/type
  • +50 total score guarantee (depends on course)
  • 7-day money back guarantee


Magoosh GMAT Premium Course
Price: $149
Includes: More than 250 video lessons, 800+ practice questions, at least 2 practice tests, study schedules, 12 months of access, +50 total score guarantee, email support, and score predictor.

Magoosh GMAT Math + IR
Price: $129
Includes: More than 150 video lessons, 450+ practice questions, study schedules, 12 months of access, +3 math score guarantee, and email support.

Magoosh GMAT Verbal + AWA
Price: $129
Includes: More than 75 video lessons, 350+ practice questions, study schedules, 12 months of access, +3 verbal score guarantee, and email support.


Magoosh GMAT Breakdown

Magoosh GMAT Review
1.Quality Study Materials
2.60% OFF Coupon Code
4.Score Increase Guarantee
5.7-Day Free Trial
Magoosh GMAT Review
Written by: bestgmatprep@crushthegmatexam.com
5 / 5 stars


GMAT Pill Review


GMAT Pill was founded by Stanford graduate Zeke Leeis and is one of the elite prep courses on the market. This online, on-demand video course aims to prepare you for the GMAT in as little as 30 days. Each GMAT section has a corresponding “pill” instructional module that you can buy separately, or you can purchase the whole program (i.e. all six “pills”) in a package deal.

The course is accessible via computers and mobile devices, is user-friendly, and offers targeted help to non-native speakers of English as well. Lifetime access and a money-back guarantee make GMAT Pill worth the already reasonable price.


1. 30-Day Program and Lifetime Access

Although many students will want to spend more than a month studying for the GMAT, the 30-day syllabus makes it possible for those with a short timeline to work through all the material before the exam. Lifetime access means that you can take as much time as you like to study and take advantage of all the course has to offer.

If you do manage to complete the program in just 30 days (and meet a few additional requirements), you could be eligible for the course guarantee: if your score does not go up at least 50 points you’ll get your money back. Be sure to check the details of their guarantee.

2. Free App for iPhone, iPad, and Android

This online course is truly portable thanks to the free apps, which allow you to download content, watch videos, and practice questions on the Practice Pill Platform wherever you are. You can keep studying even without an internet connection. The program is fully compatible with PCs, Macs, iOS and Android Devices.

3. Quality Material and Clear, Consistent Instruction

The course founder, Zeke Lee, narrates the videos and demonstrates how to work out all the practice questions himself in a way that is easy to understand. Many grateful clients praise Lee’s unique instructional style for helping them understand how to approach and solve problems that left them confused when they were taking other prep courses.

Lee introduces a number of “core frameworks” to help students understand how to approach the GMAT, given that almost all GMAT questions fit into one of the frameworks. Each framework can be applied to variations of a particular type of question, making it possible to use the same strategies repeatedly to approach the questions that appear most frequently on the exam. You also get an Official Guide for GMAT (13th Edition) to help you get the basics down before you try your hand at the hundreds of available practice questions and can track your responses with the OG13 tracker.

Finally, time-restricted quizzes and practice tests are authentic and prepare you well for the actual GMAT.

4. Impressive Amount of Free Material

You can gain free access to the Practice Pill Platform, the course’s online home page without even having to sign in. A selection of material, including more than 800 interactive practice questions, many video explanations, and a 3-hour timed practice exam are available at no charge. You can also post your questions and get answers. The Official Guide is not included.

One nice feature of the Practice Pill Platform is that you can see the all-time percentage of students who got any particular question right, so you can get an idea for how difficult individual questions are as you practice. Comments and questions by previous students are listed below each video, so you can check to see if your query has already been asked and answered by others.

The Recent Activity tab publicly acknowledges those students who have recently gotten specific questions correct, and where they are located in the world. There is also a list of top 100 students with the most correct answers all-time, and the top 50 with the most correct answers in the last 30 days.

5. Price

Using this 40% OFF Discount Link you can get the complete GMAT Pill Online Course for just $437! With the 50-point increase or your money back guarantee, students will be hard-pressed to find a better deal. If you only need to brush up on the Verbal or Quant sections, or even just particular type of question, you can spend even less by buying only one or a few specific “pills.” For more information, see Pricing, below.


1. Cluttered Dashboard

GMAT Pill has some great content and features, and we love the amount of free material, but the course dashboard (aka the Practice Pill Platform) could be more streamlined. There is a lot going on in many different colors, which is slightly distracting until you get your bearings. It looks as though they tried to put the Practice Pill Platform, all the course information, FAQs and even students’ questions and comments on the same page. The site could definitely benefit from a less confusing and busy interface.

Ideal User

The focus of this course is on maximizing students’ scores in a short period of time in an online, on-demand course. Those strapped for time and money will appreciate the fact that they can get a relatively quick but thorough preparation for the GMAT in as little as 30 days. Although spending only a month studying for the GMAT is probably not optimal, it is nice to know that this option is available for those who need it. (The course’s founder, Zeke Lee, allegedly studied for only 2 weeks before achieving a score in the 98th percentile).

Several comments in the promotional video and on the course site indicate that the founders also considered how best to help non-native English speakers improve their scores. If English is your second language and you are struggling with the Verbal Section of the GMAT, you may want to take advantage of some of Lee’s strategies to find the right answers through a process of elimination.


Along with the usual advantages of taking an online, on-demand course (no commute, study whenever you have time, move through the course at your own pace), this flexible yet comprehensive program is a solid option at a great price.

If this is your first time taking a GMAT prep course, you can take advantage of the complete course bundle, which includes core frameworks, the official guide, videos, practice exams and practice questions for all sections on the exam.

If you just need to brush up on specific skills or need extra practice on a few sections to bump up your score, you can buy only the “pills” you need and focus on those. All told, GMAT Pill delivers a great product in a user-friendly package that is guaranteed to improve your score by at least 50 points. Test drive the Practice Pill Platform today and create your free account to see if this is the right program for you!

Summary of Course Features

  • Online, on-demand course can be completed in 30 days
  • Lifetime membership and upgrades
  • Unlimited access to Practice Pill Platform
  • Choice of focusing on one, several, or all “pills” to master different question types
  • Online error log book to track mistakes and progress
  • Official Guide (OG) tracker
  • 1,073+ Practice Questions
  • 80+ hours of video instruction and explanations
  • Realistic Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) to simulate the actual GMAT
  • 24/7 customer support (email)
  • Guaranteed 50-point increase or your money back


The GMATPill Online Course: 6-Pill Lifetime Membership
Price: $437
Includes: 80+ hours of video instruction and video explanations, course material for all 6 pills: SC, CR, RC, PS, DS, and IR Pills, access to Practice Pill Platform, practice questions and explanations, access to premium content on “GMAT Pill HD”, iPad app, iPhone app/Android app, online error log book to track progress, OG13 tracker, 24/7 email support, free lifetime upgrades, timed practice CAT Tests with timing statistics, 50-point increase or your money-back guarantee. Special summer promotion includes 6 Free CAT Tests from GMATClub for 6 months included in purchase.

GMATPill Verbal Pill Package
Price: $307
Includes: SC Pill, CR Pill, RC Pill

The GMATPill Quant Pill Package
Price: $194
Includes:PS Pill, DS Pill

GMATPill Stand-alone Video Course For Each Section
Price: $100-$150, depending on Pill
Includes: Video Course for one question type. Choose from: Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving, or Integrated Reasoning.


GMAT Pill Breakdown

GMAT Pill Review
1.Lifetime Access
2.Free App
3.Clear Consistent Instruction
4.40% OFF Discount Code
5.Impressive Amount of Free Material


GMAT Pill Review
Written by: Bryce Welker
4 / 5 stars

Target Test Prep GMAT Review


Target Test Prep GMAT is an online self-study course that aims to help students boost their GMAT scores with a carefully-designed, new approach. Founder Scott Woodbury-Stewart developed Target Test Prep Quant as an immersion course that targets students’ quantitative scores on the GMAT. Personalized tutoring by expert instructors and a creative approach to solving even the most difficult GMAT quant problems are the hallmarks of this course.


1. $1 Trial

Yes, you read that right – it only costs one dollar to try out Target Test Prep’s course for 5 days, with no automatic recurring payment to cancel or any other obligation. The company is so confident that students will prefer their methods that they don’t feel the need to sign you up for anything else until you are ready to commit. Start your $1 trial today!

2. Well-designed Platform/Dashboard

TargetTestPrepGmatIpadTarget Test Prep’s user-friendly and streamlined learning platform was designed to be highly functional and with great attention to detail. The dashboard is efficient and easy to navigate, and students will have no problem finding their way among the different modules and test options. Live help is available with the click of a button.

Additional well-thought-out features include an online note-taking space (note-taking templates) and an interactive calendar that allows you to plug in your test date to customize your study schedule. It’s also easy to bookmark difficult questions or specific modules or chapters that you want to look at again.

There are two basic tracks: students can follow the regular course plan, which involves reading the information and trying practice questions within a module and then taking tests afterward. Alternatively, there is a “short study plan” option; here, students take practice tests before studying a modules (instead of beginning with the lessons), to help them identify their weaknesses quickly and efficiently, so those who are short on study time before the exam can focus on the most important areas to study.

3. Diagnostic Exams and Practice Tests

Take a diagnostic exam first and select the quant score you are aiming for to customize your learning experience. Within the learning modules, choose from easy, medium and hard practice/chapter tests. Select amount of time per problem for each test to keep track of your time per question. Timers show how much time you have left per question and how much total time is left.

Detailed analytics reveal how you and other Target Test Prep students are doing on specific practice questions so you can gauge how hard or easy a question is and how well your performance is measuring up. Once your practice tests have been automatically scored, Target Test Prep identifies which question types and topics are giving you a hard time.

You can also create custom tests. Choose from easy, medium and hard questions from all modules or select modules. One nice feature is that you can opt only to include new questions (no repeat questions) on your practice tests, or create a test that only includes the questions you missed in the past.

4. 800+ Instructor-led HD Video Solutions

Video solutions are embedded within the study modules that have practice questions. All questions in the course include very detailed explanations for answers (either in the form of written solutions or video explanations). In addition to answer explanations, links to learning modules in the practice test review area take you right to the chapter lesson that covers the material most relevant to that specific question. The link opens a new tab and window so you can easily toggle between the practice test results and the related lesson.




5. Experienced Tutors

Target Test Prep offers access to highly qualified tutors who can help students anywhere in the world. Serving as advisers and coaches, the tutors break down the different steps of solving quant problems and offer personalized instruction and strategies to help students solve problems quickly and accurately. Tutors use Skype or WebEx to interact with students.

6. Higher Score Guarantee and Flexible Pricing Options

If your official GMAT quantitative score does not go up after you use Target Test Prep GMAT Quant, you can request a full refund of the purchase price, although stringent requirements apply: you must have taken an official GMAT exam before you enrolled in the Target Test Prep GMAT Quant course and must email a copy of that official score report to Target Test Prep within two weeks. Please consult the company’s website for additional details and requirements.

If you aren’t sure how long you will be studying for the GMAT, you can choose month-by-month payments for $99 a month. You can easily upgrade to a 4 or 6 month plan to save money if you decide that the course is a good fit for you.

7. Exclusive Discounts

The 6 Month Target GMAT Test Prep Course has a competitive price tag of just $399. To save even more use our exclusive discount code and get an additional 10% OFF today for a total cost of only $359. Get your Target Test Prep Discount Code Today!

To find out what discounts and promotions Target Test Prep is offering this week please click here.


1. Addresses Quant Section Only

Target Test Prep gets glowing reviews from happy customers who have raised their quant scores dramatically, but there is no equivalent review option for the other sections of the GMAT exam. Private tutoring for the other sections is available, but for an additional fee.

2. No Computer Adaptive Learning/Tests

You’ll get very detailed analytics and diagnostics, and you can customize your practice tests to present you with a certain kind of question at different levels of difficulty, but unlike on the actual GMAT, the questions you get on the practice tests do not reflect how well you performed on the previous questions.

Ideal User

Given its focus on the quant section of the GMAT, Target Test Prep’s course is obviously best suited to students who want to raise their quant score and are less concerned about the other sections of the exam. There are no live classes, just  lessons and videos to go through, so if you are the type of student who prefers interaction with other students and instructors in a live setting, another course may be a better fit for your needs. The layout of the dashboard and overall design of the course makes it very user-friendly for students of all levels and different backgrounds.


Target Test Prep is a relative newcomer to the test prep industry, but many students report great success and improvement in their quant scores after trying it out. Given that only private tutoring is available to help students with the other sections of the exam, we recommend the course mainly to those who are looking for a boost in their quantitative scores.

The streamlined and efficient dashboard and intuitive design of the various course features is impressive and will appeal to most students, whether they prefer a more traditional setting or not. You can try the entire course and all the features for just $1 – so why not try it out for yourself?

Summary of Course Features

  • 3,000+ practice questions (Quant)
  • 500+ individual lessons
  • 800+ HD video solutions embedded within learning modules
  • 140 chapter tests
  • Equation summary guide
  • step by step study plan
  • Note-taking templates (online space for note-taking)
  • Ability to bookmark questions and lessons
  • Interactive study calendar
  • Detailed performance analytics
  • Choose from monthly billing or one-time charge
  • Custom practice engine
  • Live support
  • Higher Score Guarantee
  • Private tutoring options


Flexible Month to Month Plan
Price: $149 $99
Includes Higher Score Guarantee, recurring billing until you cancel, 500+ individual lessons, 3,000+ practice questions, 800+ HD Video solutions, detailed analytics, custom practice engine, and live support.

Four Months of Access
Price: $449 $299
Includes everything above, but clients are only billed once.

Six Months of Access
Price: $499 only $399 with exclusive discount code!
Includes everything above, but clients are only billed once.

Personal/Private Tutoring
Price: starts at $250/hour with discounts available for bundles of hours ($225/hour for 10 hours, $200/hour for 20 hours.
Includes private tutoring in real time via online conferencing software (Quantitative, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning sections of the GMAT.)


Target Test Prep Breakdown

Target Test Prep Review
1.$1 Trial
2.10% OFF Coupon Code
3.Well Designed platform
4.Diagnostic Exams and Practice Tests
5.800+ Instructor-Led HD Video Solutions
Target Test Prep
Written by: Bryce Welker
4 / 5 stars


Economist GMAT Tutor Review


The Economist GMAT Tutor uses adaptive artificial intelligence technology to personalize GMAT preparation and optimize study time. It’s an on-demand course, so students can log in 24/7, whenever they have time to study at their own pace. Course analytics track your progress at every stage and make you focus on areas that need it most.

Improve your Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) score by getting feedback from graded practice essays, and get ready for exam day with simulated exams. If you have questions or need additional explanations, you can contact experienced GMAT Tutor experts by email, phone, instant messaging, or video chat.


1. Structured On-Demand Course

You never need to worry about missing a class or a live online session because the entire course is on-demand. Study whenever it fits into your schedule for as little or as long as you like. Take the program on the road by studying from your tablet or smartphone whenever you get the chance.

2. Access to Tutors for 1-on-1 Help

Every course includes private video tutoring sessions with expert tutors for you to discuss your problem areas and get tips on how to improve your score. If you get stuck on a practice question you can use the “Ask-a-tutor” internal messaging feature to get a quick and personalized explanation from a GMAT tutor. Simply click the Ask-a-Tutor button on the right side of your screen while you are in a module and submit your query. You’ll also get email reminders from tutors regarding progress updates and your study plan.

3. Personalized Feedback on Essays

Work on raising your Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) score by submitting up to 7 practice essays (number depends on the package) to get graded feedback and suggestions for improvement. Templates are included to get you started on your essays and to help you know what examiners are looking for.

4. 5,000 Quality Practice Questions

One of the features students love about this course is the extensive practice material, which includes 5,000 high-quality questions. Improving your GMAT score takes a lot of practice with questions that are similar to those on the exam. The course lessons offer step-by-step instructions for how best to approach questions, followed by copious opportunities to practice what you have learned by giving you many questions until you have mastered a topic.

5. Mobile App

The flexibility of being to study on the go with their mobile app is invaluable. Even if you lose your internet connection, the mobile apps are designed to keep running so you can keep studying offline. You can choose the number of minutes you want to study as well as which topics you want to cover (Quantative and/or Verbal) during each session on your phone, tablet or computer. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

6. Free Trial

Economist Tutor offers students a free 7-day trial to test out their course. Each free trial comes with 5 “Ask-a-tutor” opportunities, 1 free tutoring session, and 1 simulation test. As extra motivation, you can earn a free T-shirt after 60 minutes of studying online. The software keeps track of your progress and lets you know how many more minutes stand between you and your brand new T-shirt!

7. Money Back Guarantee

If your GMAT score doesn’t improve by 50 points or more after you take the complete GMAT prep plan (70 points or more after the premium or ultimate plans), you’ll receive a full refund for the course. As always, you should read the fine print to make sure you understand the requirements.


1. Shorter Practice Tests

The practice exams are shorter than the actual GMAT exam because they lack both an AWA and an IR section. On the bright side, students report that their practice test scores are very close to their actual score on the GMAT.

2. Ask-a-tutor Function Could Be Improved

Past students have expressed a range of experiences with the “Ask-a-tutor” feature. In some cases, responses were swift, in other cases, answers took a long time to come back. When we used the feature, it took more than 36 hours to receive a response from a tutor when we submitted two separate questions, but your mileage may vary. There is also no way to keep track of the questions you have sent once you submit them. It may be a good idea to keep track of your questions, so you can make sure you get them fully answered during one of your private tutoring sessions.

Ideal User

Economist GMAT Tutor is a very different type of course that will appeal to self-motivated learners who want a flexible study schedule that provides enough structure and guidance for them to stay on task. There are no long videos to watch, textbooks to read, or mandatory sessions to attend, so students can spend all their time learning strategies and practicing questions and tests.

Students can study on the go with the flexible mobile app even if they lose connectivity, because the app can switch between online and offline modes.

Many competitors feature video lessons and explanations, but Economist GMAT Tutor is aimed at the kind of learner who responds best to reading through an interactive module while practicing questions. This helps students stay focused and drills those areas that need the most improvement.

The adaptive artificial intelligence technology pinpoints areas of weakness and feeds students the questions they most need to practice. In this way, the course adapts to each individual learner and presents them with exactly what they need to improve their GMAT score. The more you practice, the more customized your experience becomes.

There is some consensus that the program is more helpful for the quantitative sections of the exam than for the verbal sections, so those who need more help with the math on the GMAT will find this course to be a good fit.


The Economist GMAT Tutor prep course is a fantastic choice for students who prefer a structured program with all the convenience of setting their own schedule. Their unique approach of having students click through modules to learn the material instead of watching hours of video, and the adaptive technology that presents students with practice questions they need most, really sets Economist GMAT Tutor apart from the competition.

With 5,000 practice GMAT questions, an impressive level of portability via apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android, analytic features that predict your test score, and the personalized feedback you get on essays, you can’t go wrong with this customized course. Still not convinced? Check out the 7-day free trial and get started on the road to success with Economist GMAT Tutor today!

Summary of Course Features

  • Entirely online, on demand format for flexible study
  • 5,000 practice questions
  • Ask-a-tutor feature for additional help
  • Up to 8 private live video sessions with a tutor
  • 3-6 practice exams
  • 5-7 graded essays with personal feedback from instructors
  • Improved score guarantee or your money back
  • Choose from 3, 6 or 12 months of course access
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices


Economist GMAT Tutor Complete Prep
Price: $750
Includes: Access for 3 months, 50+ point improvement score guarantee, 50 opportunities to use ask-a-tutor feature, 4 Live 1-to-1 sessions, 3 practice exams, 5 essays graded, full access to mobile apps.
Economist GMAT Tutor Premium Prep
Price: $950
Includes: Access for 6 months, 70+ point improvement score guarantee, 100 opportunities to use ask-a-tutor feature, 6 Live 1-to-1 sessions, 5 practice exams, 6 essays graded, full access to mobile apps.
Economist GMAT Tutor Ultimate Prep
Price: $1,199
Includes: Access for 12 months, 70+ point improvement score guarantee, unlimited opportunities to use ask-a-tutor feature, 8 Live 1-to-1 sessions, 6 practice exams, 7 essays graded, full access to mobile apps.


Economist GMAT Tutor Breakdown

Economist GMAT Tutor Review
1.Structured On-Demand Course
2.5% OFF Discount
3.Access to Tutors
4.Personalized Feedback on Essays
5.5,000 Quality Practice Questions




Manhattan Prep GMAT Review

manhattan prep reviewsRATING:

Manhattan Prep GMAT offers a series of comprehensive options to prepare for the GMAT, including traditional, in-person prep courses, live online, on-demand, and private tutoring options.

High definition videos, a large number of available practice questions, excellent study materials, expert instructors, and an impressive selection of free materials are some of the best features of this GMAT prep course.


1. Range of Course Offerings

With in-person, live online, on-demand, and private tutoring options for the GMAT, Manhattan Prep covers all its bases. You can take their intense, two-week Boot Camp course right before the exam, or you can start studying 2 or more months in advance with the more comprehensive GMAT Complete Course (either in person or live online).

Entirely on-demand options are available too: sign up for the GMAT Interact course, which covers everything on the GMAT from a well-organized course dashboard online, or choose just the Verbal or Quant course. You can even pick one specific area on the exam that needs additional practice and focus on that in one of Manhattan’s short 2-3 hour online workshops. Private tutoring is available as well.

2. Free GMAT Study Materials

An impressive amount of free GMAT study materials, including a full-length computer adaptive practice exam, challenge problems, flashcards, and weekly online hour-and-a-half study sessions (“Thursdays with Ron”), are available on the Manhattan Prep GMAT website. You can explore the basic version of the GMAT Navigator (Manhattan Prep’s all-in-one GMAT dashboard) for free before you purchase a full course.

Take advantage of the free trial of their on-demand course, GMAT Interact. You can get a feel for how the interactive lessons work, and whether this self-study course is right for you.

3. Sheer Volume of Study Material

Access to more than 4,200 GMAT practice questions, several volumes of guidebooks and strategy guides, more than 35 video lessons, and additional resources means that students get a lot for their money. The books are well-organized and explain concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

You can use the online features, such as the GMAT Navigator and the interactive syllabus to track your progress and review or hone skills that are covered in the lessons. Take advantage of the OG tracker to monitor your progress on Official Guide problems. Six practice tests are also available to simulate the actual exam and help you gauge your progress during the course.


1. Price

With the exception of the GMAT Interact course (priced at $899), Manhattan Prep’s options are significantly more expensive than the competition. In person/live online options range from $1299 to $2950, and private tutoring will cost you at least $220 an hour.

2. No App

Manhattan Prep’s courses are accessible from your computer or iPad, but there is no app for the comprehensive course materials, so it is not as portable as versions offered by many competitors. Many students prefer to study on the go while they are commuting or have a few spare minutes on their hands, and that is easier to do when you can just watch a quick lesson or answer a few questions from your smartphone with an app having both online/offline capabilities.

3. No Refunds or Score Improvement Guarantee

Unlike other prep companies in this category, Manhattan Prep makes no promises that your score will increase if you take one of their courses. There is also no money-back guarantee. Given the relatively steep price of most of Manhattan’s course options, this is somewhat surprising.

Ideal User

The Manhattan Prep GMAT Interact Course is good for students looking for a flexible, self-paced GMAT program. This on-demand option is priced at the lower end of the company’s courses and can be customized to include only the Verbal or the Quant review. Students who would rather be held accountable by a live course can choose from in-person instructional sessions with instructors or the online option of the GMAT Complete Course. Manhattan is one of few companies that offers targeted help on the essay with their essay grading software.

Given the amount of material that is covered in the various courses, official guide books, and online, this prep course is best for students who are committed to studying hard and completing a lot of work for a significant number of hours a week before the GMAT. Manhattan Prep is a quite a comprehensive course, so students should expect to put in a lot of work if they plan to get through all of the material.


The wide variety of course options make Manhattan Prep’s courses very appealing. From live to on-demand options, from comprehensive course reviews to specialized workshops that focus on one type of question, Manhattan has something for everyone. The prices are somewhat higher than those of competing courses, however, most students agree that you get a lot for your money. Most of their offerings come with a set of study guides, access to online course material and practice exams, and some one-on-one coaching by GMAT expert tutors.

Try the generous amount of free study material and the free trial session of the GMAT Interact course to find out exactly what you are missing! If you want a thorough prep course and don’t mind spending a bit more for all those quality materials, Manhattan Prep is definitely worth considering.

Summary of Course Features

  • In classroom or live online instruction
  • On-demand options
  • 35+ interactive video-based lessons
  • 6 full-length computer adaptive practice tests,
  • 4200+ quiz bank questions
  • One-on-one coaching from instructors
  • Interactive online syllabus
  • GMAT Navigator™ online practice tracker
  • Private tutoring available
  • 10 strategy guide books
  • 3 Official Guides for GMAT Review
  • OG tracker
  • 2 Online Foundations of Math Workshops
  • Test Simulation Booklet
  • Essay grading software
  • eBook downloads


GMAT Interact Course
Price: $899 for full course; $499 for Quant Only/Verbal Only
Includes: 35+ interactive video lessons, 1-on-1 session with a live instructor, 10 Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides, The Official Guide for GMAT Review, The Official Guides for GMAT Quantitative and Verbal Review, 2 online Foundations of Math Workshops, Foundations of GMAT Math, Foundations of Verbal, Advanced GMAT Quant, Test Simulation Booklet similar to GMAT scratch pad provided during the test, 6 full-length computer adaptive practice tests, interactive online syllabus, GMAT Navigator, challenge problem archives and question banks, essay grading software, eBook downloads.

Quant Only course includes 16 interactive quant lessons, 6 practice tests, 6 strategy guides, online tools, and more.

Verbal Only course includes 21 interactive verbal lessons, 6 practice tests, 4 strategy guides, online tools, and more.

GMAT Complete Course
Price: $1299 live online/$1599 live in-person
Includes: 27 hours of classroom instruction over 9 sessions, custom 1-on-1 pre- and post-exam assessments with an instructor, unlimited advice from GMAT Instructors through online forums, 10 Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides, The Official Guide for GMAT Review, The Official Guides for GMAT Quantitative and Verbal Review, 2 Online Foundations of Math Workshops, Foundations of GMAT Math, Foundations of Verbal, Advanced GMAT Quant, Test Simulation Booklet, full access to GMAT Interact on-demand prep course, 35+ interactive video-based lessons, 6 full-length computer adaptive practice tests, interactive online syllabus, GMAT Navigator, challenge problem archives and question banks, essay grading software, and eBook downloads.

Price: $99-$249
Includes: 1 or more hours of on-site or live online instruction for a Specific Question Type (e.g. Sentence Correction or Data Sufficiency).

Boot Camp
Price: $2,650 live online/$2,950 live in-person
Includes: 35 hours of intensive online or in-person instruction in 2 weeks, one-on-one coaching, 12 hours of simulated practice testing, 10 Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides, The Official Guide for GMAT Review, The Official Guides for GMAT Quantitative and Verbal Review, Test Simulation Booklet, 6 full-length practice tests, GMAT Navigator, full access to GMAT Interact on-demand prep course, challenge problems, question banks, essay grading software, and eBook downloads.

Hourly Tutoring
Price: $225 per hour
Includes: 1 or more hours of on-site or live online instruction with an expert tutor.

Tutoring Packages
Price: $1,100 – $4,875
Includes: 5-25 hours of on-site or live online instruction with an expert tutor.